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Belle II

Belle II detector
The Belle II detector
Belle II event display
Event display with reconstructed tracks


The Belle II experiment is an upgrade of the B factory experiment Belle at the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. It should record a 50 times larger data sample than the Belle experiment until 2022. With this one hopes to explain, among other questions, why the universe today consists only of matter and no anti-matter. Currently the detector and accelerator are upgraded. The expected large data sample also requires a new computing model to provide sufficient computing power and storage capacity for the processing and analysis of the data.

Contribution of the IEKP

The IEKP is engaged in the Belle II project since 2008 on the fields of software development, setup of the computing infrastructure, and construction of the pixel vertex detector. In particular we work as a leading institute on the track reconstruction in the central drift chamber, the software framework, the code management, and the event display. Further activities are the development of a database for calibration constants and the monitoring of grid sites.


Belle II Experiment

Recent publications concerning Belle II:

Autor bzw. Beitrag des EKP Typ Titel Nummer und Download
Gemmler, JochenMasterarbeitStudy of B Meson Flavor Tagging with Deep Neural Networks at Belle and Belle IIIEKP-KA/2016-11
Jäger, PaulMasterarbeitSensitivity Studies for the Time-Dependent CP Violation Measurement in $B^0 \rightarrow K_S^0 K_S^0 K_S^0$ at the Belle II-ExperimentIEKP-KA/2016-10
Metzner, FelixMasterarbeitAnalysis of $B^+ \rightarrow \ell^+ \nu_\ell \gamma$ decays with the Belle II Analysis Software FrameworkIEKP-KA/2016-6
Meyer, JohannesBachelorarbeitOptimisation of the Material Parameters for Track Fitting in the Central Drift Chamber of the Belle II ExperimentIEKP-BACHELOR-KA/2016-24
Trusov, ViktorDoktorarbeitDevelopment of Pattern Recognition Algorithms for the Central Drift Chamber of the Belle II DetectorIEKP-KA/2016-31
Weiler, MalwinBachelorarbeitOptimization of the VXD-CDC Matching Algorithm for the Belle II Detector.IEKP-BACHELOR-KA/2016-25
Braun, NilsMasterarbeitMomentum Estimation of Slow Pions and Improvements on the Track Finding in the Central Drift Chamber for the Belle II ExperimentIEKP-KA/2015-20
Fuhrer, ClaraBachelorarbeitMomentum estimation of semileptonic tag B mesons at BELLE IIIEKP-BACHELOR-KA/2015-31
Pulvermacher, ChristianDoktorarbeitAnalysis Software and Full Event Interpretation for the Belle II ExperimentIEKP-KA/2015-16
Pulvermacher, Christian; Keck, Thomas; Feindt, Michael; Heck, Martin; Kuhr, ThomasArtikelAn automated framework for hierarchical reconstruction of B mesons at the Belle II experimentDownload